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Release of Fireground Fitness Test

Over the last four years, the CFOA FireFit Steering Group, in association with the University of Bath and with the support of a number of Fire ad Rescue Services, have developed a range of role based fireground fitness tests. The tests, which take into account the physiology and level of fitness of firefighters, can be easily replicated by any FRS across the country.

Chair of the FireFit Steering Group Justin Johnston said:

‘Firstly I would like to extend my thanks to all of the Fire & Rescue Services that have supported the research work. This has involved hundreds of personnel volunteering to undertake practical scenarios, providing lifestyle data, blood samples and individual VO2 gas analysis. All of this has enabled us to produce some rigorous academic outcomes that has led to a simple yet highly fitting timed drill ground scenario that can be used as part of existing fitness testing options.

Feedback from participants has told us that it is highly relevant and an entirely reasonable expectation that is grounded in “Doing the job”. Another advantage is it takes account of physiology and doesn’t simply focus on aerobic capacity.’

The test, which was presented at the 2016 FireFit Conference, has now been made available to all FRSs through CFOA. Two videos, a promotional overview and a technical full run through, have been produced and can be viewed below or by following the links above. 

Supporting CFOA fitness guidance can be accessed here. You will also be aware of the ‘Firefighter Best practice fitness guidance’ document produced by the Home Office that heavily draws upon the CFOA FireFit work.


Role Based Fitness Test - Overview:

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Role Based Fitness Test - Full Technical Run Through:

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Beyond Blue Lights

Following on from the success of last year’s programme ‘Beyond Blue Lights’ the new films have now been launched.

The ‘Beyond Blue Lights’ news and current affairs-style programme was carried in out in partnership with ITN Productions and launched at this year’s CFOA AGM.

This year the programme features 33 different films, focusing on different elements of the Fire and Rescue Service and the wider sector.


The films include: Collaborative work in the community; Safe and Wellbeing;  working with older people; innovative technology including drones; national resilience; road safety; blue light collaboration; youth engagement; skills and education and fire prevention are just some of the features of this year’s programme.

The full programme - and individual films - can be seen on the CFOA YouTube channel. 

It is an in-depth programme exploring the scope of the fire service and  how services can be utilised even further.

Introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the programme combines key industry interviews and news-style reports along with sponsored editorial profiles of some of the leading organisations in the sector.


CFOA Members vote to change the Articles of Association

As you will be aware, CFOA Members have voted on proposals to change the Articles of Association which will change the structure of the Association. The proposals intend to:

  • strengthen the professional / operational leadership of the Fire and Rescue Service
  • improve national co-ordination
  • reduce duplication; increase efficiency
  • support local service delivery
  • provide increased influence for Fire and Rescue Authorities and their Services.

We are pleased to announce that the proposals have been approved and the CFOA Board will now begin the process of implementing the changes on behalf of the membership. Key changes include:

  • Removal of the term CFOA Board to be replaced with CFOA Trustees,
  • Replacing the CFOA President’s role as Chair of the CFOA Board with the new role of Chair of Trustees.
  • Addition of the role of National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Chair
  • Addition of the section on NFCC
  • Changing the name of Ordinary membership to Individual membership
  • Addition of Professional Partner (PP) to categories of membership
  • Changes to reflect the intention that most individual membership subscriptions will be paid for by the relevant Fire Authority as part of the PP package however leaving the option for an individual to chose to pay their own subscription if a service choses not to be a PP
  • Appointment process for Trustees
  • Election process for the Vice President Elect removed. Trustees have the powers to determine the election process which provides the flexibility that may be required for future elections.

CFOA will now invite nominations from Chief Fire Officers for the role of Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council.

You can read more about the changes approved here and understand how the Chair will work alongside Dave Etheridge as he takes on the role of President in an interview here.

Members have also approved a new Code of Ethics and Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure which provides evidence of their commitment to both professionalism and integrity. CFOA Members can view both documents here.